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Warm Springs Pools Update

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Several weeks ago, I posted a "preservation alarm" about the Jefferson, aka, Warm Springs Pools. I, along with many other folks familiar with the pools, have been lobbying the owners (Omni Homestead Resort) and preservationist organizations to do something about the deplorable condition of these historic structures. I received the following communication from an Omna executive yesterday:

Good afternoon,

You are receiving this email because of the note you sent about your concern regarding the Jefferson Pools at Omni Homestead Resort. Please take a moment to read the attached announcement about the upcoming repair and reopening of the pools.

Thank you

The attachment press release stated:


The Omni Homestead Resort is pleased to announce that 3North and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources will be partnering with us to repair and reopen the Jefferson Pools. The conceptual plan and strategy to renovate the Pools, while maintaining their historic character, will be finalized this summer. The goal is to reopen the Jefferson Pools in the summer of 2020.

This is wonderful news! These are the kinds of things that this blog and website are now focused on - the preservation and celebration of America's rich and fascinating history and heritage. The Jefferson Pools have an amazing history worth preserving. And with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources involved, I'm confident that this effort will be a successful one. I can't wait to see the final results!

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