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Preserving Our Tobacco Heritage

My great-great grandfather and great-grandfather on my father's side were cotton and tobacco farmers in Southside Virginia. My grandfather taught me how to roll my own cigarettes with OCB (no glue) papers when I was fourteen. He taught me so well, and I did it so many times that I believe I could roll a perfect cigarette to this day, though I've not rolled one in several decades. I've smoked, dipped and chewed tobacco (quit all forty years ago) and my grandfathers and father all used tobacco, so I'm quite familiar with what was once the primary cash crop in Virginia. I also have in my personal collection my tobacco farmer grandfather's daily prayer journal which details many of the day to day challenges of farming in those days. With all this in mind, I came across this video yesterday. It's fascinating. It's a short news clip about a retired farmer in Brunswick County, Virginia and his efforts to preserve a certain aspect of Virginia's tobacco history. Brunswick County is very close to where my great-grandfather's farm was in Crewe. If you're interested in tobacco history and preservation, it's worth the time to watch. Click here.

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