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On My Nightstand 6-1-19 (And a warning to snowflakes)

Updated: Jun 1, 2019

After watching Kevin Costner's portrayal of Texas Ranger Frank Hamer in Netflix's recent film release, The Highwaymen, I followed up with some research on the legendary lawman who was responsible for the death of Bonnie and Clyde. Hamer was the quintessential Texan; bigger than life, tough and certainly not a figure who would be admired by Snowflake historians today. The film made me curious for more so I ordered John Boessenecker's highly acclaimed biography of Hamer. I just got into the book last night but, like many readers, have found it difficult to put down.

As I'm reading this, I've also come across more shallow, anachronistic reactions to David McCullough's Pioneers. (I posted about McCullough's newest book recently.) Already a New York Times #1 Bestseller and, as I write this, #1 in Amazon's U.S. Revolution and Founding History category, the perpetually puckered moral reformer historian class (who find little worthy of praise in America's founding heroes), are loading the echo chamber with their groupthink criticisms-just not enough negativity about pioneers being oppressors. But that's ok as the book's popularity shows just how much most Americans are paying attention to their whining and how little folks respect the whiners' opinions.

Speaking of whiny snowflakes, I see that The Highwaymen is receiving the same kind of reaction from the same crowd. As a reviewer at PJ Media points out:

Reviewers who actually reviewed the movie are mostly positive. Reviewers who reviewed their perception of the movie's politics account for more than half the negative reviews.

Of course. The politics. Always about the politics. But it's the "wrong" politics and that's what the academic and Hollywood snowflakes really dislike. Just do what most Americans are doing when it comes to this film and these books. Don't pay any attention to them.

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