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Moving Forward & Reaching Back

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I've been (seriously) writing and blogging for a couple of decades now. It's hard to believe. Lord willin', I'll be 61 years old this month and it has recently dawned on me that the time I have left to accomplish what I'd like is quickly evaporating. For several years, I've wanted to start a new website and blog, combining my interest in traditional American values, our rich history and heritage along with my interest in relics, and the underpinning philosophies that our father and grandfathers, to one degree or another, embraced. Though these topics seemed to easily mesh in my own life and interests, I struggled with how to coherently combine them all under one "roof." I struggled, hem and hawed; hesitant to commit to a certain platform, experimenting with several but ultimately turning away due to frustration and the inability to pull all these topics together.

Until just the other day, I'd wanted to operate two different blogs/sites - one focusing primarily on relics and history, the other on old school philosophies and the American "can do" spirit and traditions. That would be rather daunting, which is probably why I kept putting it off. But, again, at 61 putting things off that I really want to accomplish is no longer an option. It's time to do "fish or cut bait" as my grandfather used to say. It's time to move ahead. It's time to turn the page. It's time to press on.

So this brings me to the launching of Relics and Bones™. Under this banner I will be able (hopefully), to pull all these subjects together in an interesting and harmonious expression. I will write about American military history and its enduring legacy. I will write about preservation efforts and what I believe is our duty to support such efforts. And I will write about our enduring American values and Exceptionalism; concepts which were bequeathed to us from our ancestors. I trust you will visit often, purchase our (coming soon) products, recommend us to friends and family and share your thoughts with me. I have a number of things and ideas in the works and am trusting the good Lord that He will allow me to live long enough to see them through. Carry on.

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