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Blogging for Grit Magazine

Farm boy selling "Grit, America's Greatest Family Newspaper", Irwinville Farms, Georgia, May 1938 by John Vachon.

I was recently invited to become a blogger for Grit Magazine. Most older readers will recognize Grit, but many younger readers may not. As their website notes:

Grit is one of the longest-running publications in the country and has been a part of the American tapestry, particularly in the Heartland and rural areas throughout the nation, for many, many years. If the old adage could be rewritten, it would be, “As American as Mom, Apple Pie and Grit." . . . This premier issue of Grit Rural Lifestyles magazine represents a new direction for our old friend, but one in keeping with its rich heritage of news and information that add to people’s lives rather than diminishing them. ~ The Editors

Beginning publication in 1882, Grit has evolved into "a bi-monthly magazine distributed throughout the United States and Canada that celebrates country lifestyles of all kinds, while emphasizing the importance of community and stewardship. As North America’s premier rural lifestyle title, GRIT publishes feature-length articles on a broad range of topics that appeal to those already living in the country and those who aspire to get there."

With an emphasis on Americana, history and the rural lifestyle, I'm hoping this new opportunity will bring more readers to this blog as Grit fits very nicely with a new emphasis and direction for my own writing and blogging. 

My first blog post for Grit may be read here.