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What Others Are Saying: Welcome
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“Richard’s tone and style are reminiscent of the histories written in a bygone era; when historians like Freeman, Catton and Wiley would captivate their readers as much with their narrative as the history it contained.” ~ Keven Walker, CEO Shenandoah Valley Battlefields Foundation

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"Thank you for all you have done in the past and all you do. I truly appreciate your dedication to the history of our great country and your commitment to inform others about it." ~ Historian Kent Masterson Brown

What Others Are Saying: About

"I am always encouraged by your energy and devotion to the many fine features and heritage of American life. Thank you! Your blog shines on like a beacon in the darkness." ~ David Corbett, Battlefield Balladeers

What Others Are Saying: Quote
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"Thank you for your . . . great support for this project. As always it was a pleasure to work with you on The Rebel Yell. You are a big part of Our Cause." ~ Mr. J.L.D. (Laurie) Woodruff, Executive Director and Editor, The Essential Civil War Curriculum

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